Why Buy Water Otter?


  • The Otters offer you the best of both methods of propulsion. The Oar System is great for crossing large bodies of water such as big rivers and lakes and gives you greater control in faster water. When ready to fish, the oars are easily stowed allowing you to take control with your flippers leaving your hands free for fishing!


  • The Otters can be broken down and carried in a duffel bag. The bag can then be carried in the trunk of a car or checked as baggage on aircraft. When totally assembled they can be carried on the top of a car, van, etc. or in the back of a pickup truck. The entire boat w/oars and soft seat weighs only 35Lbs. Backpackers utilize the built-in shoulder straps on the duffel bag for back country pack-ins. No tools needed for assembly/disassembly.


  • The pontoon style tubes take less effort to propel through the water than the traditional raft style designs. The raft style designs have much greater resistance tending to bulldoze their way through water and are more susceptible to being blown around in the wind.


  • The pontoons of both the Water Otter and the River Otter are the strongest in the industry for this kind of craft. Please compare our material with others, give it a tear test and see which craft you want to depend on. (Write or call for a free sample.) The Otters’ frames have been re-designed, giving them superior strength. They are manufactured of 1″ aluminum square extruded tubing, giving them strength, while remaining lightweight. These frames can have holes drilled and bolts attached, giving you the ability to add rod holders, fish finders, etc. We feel it is important to have the frame run almost the full length of the pontoons to help distribute the weight more evenly. This gives the pontoons added support in faster water. The basic designs have remained unchanged over the years because it WORKS.

Light Weight

  • These boats are the lightest (Only 35 pounds) boats of this type and size.

Great Warranty

  • Every Water Otter Boat purchased Direct from the Manufacturer comes with a 10 year warranty.